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Main task of CBM

The main task of CBM is to develop a new form of catalogues which answer to the needs demanded by the actual forms and liturgical background and function of the extant manuscripts. To this end, CBM is analysing current cataloguing methods (see Approach).

A publication plan for the new catalogues has been developed in cooperation with Brepols Publishers (See publication plan in K. Spronk, G. Rouwhorst, S. Royé (eds.), A Catalogue of Byzantine Manuscripts in their Liturgical Context: Challenges and Perspectives, (Collected Papers resulting from the expert meeting of the Catalogue of Byzantine manuscripts programme held at the PThU in Kampen, the Netherlands on 6th to 7th November 2009), Brepols Publishers, Turnhout, 2013).

A short catalogue of NT manuscripts is presented on this website to introduce the new catalogue form.

Simultaneously CBM is working on the printed edition of one specific codex type – a Tetraevangelion codex.

Furthermore, we are paying special attention to a group of codices currently excluded from NT manuscript studies, the homiletic commentaries. These form the main source of the ancient early Christian and Byzantine commentary tradition, and are clearly liturgically embedded. CBM is concentating on a Panagyrikon codex type.