Introductory note to quotes of codicologists relevant for CBM

It seems appropriate to include here a series of quotes from recent and less recent works by codicologists, which are relevant for CBM, and which support the codico-liturgical approach.

We include here quotes from the following scholars: Bernard de Montfaucon, Athanasios Papadopoulos-Kerameus, Viktor Gardhausen, Albert Ehrhard, Katherina Granstrem, Marcel Richard, Alexinia Džurova, Boris Fonkich, Linos Politis, Paul Canart and Jan Peter Gumbert.

[see Approach: Bibliography: Byzantine Codicology, Codicography & Catalography].

The study of the Hebrew Torah roll and biblical codicology is of special interest for Byzantine codicology in liturgical context, for the reason of their close kinship in many respects. The liturgical Hebrew corpora were also studied as works of classical literature and since the Renaissance the philological-textual method became dominant. This highly important topic should be explored further and useful comparative knowledge is anticipated.

[see Approach: Select Bibliography of Hebrew Codicology, Codicography & Catalography]

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  • Quote 2 (Beit-Arie)
  • Quote 3 (Gaster)
  • Quote 4 (Gaster)
  • Quote 5 (Blau)