Postdoc fellows

PThU is looking for two Postdoc fellows to write a (individual) grant application (1 fte, 6 months from 1 July 2021).

More about this Postdoc Fellowship

With this vacancy you will have the opportunity to prepare a grant application, for example for a Rubicon or Veni. Another grant is also possible, as long as you make it clear why this is a promising project and why it is in line with the mission and vision of the PThU. When your application is granted  the PThU will give you an embedding guarantee so that you can carry out the project.

During the fellowship you will work on your own research topic and grant application or a joint larger application together with one or more PThU colleagues. This is your chance to develop your innovative and relevant research idea into a grant application! Your project has the potential to innovate a particular field of theology or religious studies; methodologically, thematically or theoretically. We offer this post doc fellowship as of 1 July 2021.

What we ask of you

As PThU we strongly believe in the power of people's knowledge and talent. By combining excellent theological education and research with relevance for the academy, church and society, we realize the impact we have in mind. And we do it together. For us it is important that for this vacancy you:

  • recently obtained a PhD and are a talented and promising researcher. You obtained your PhD between 1 May 2018 and 1 May 2021 (or thesis approved by reading committee at the time of application)
  • have a strong track record with publications with significant contributions to your field and relevant research experience at various (international) research institutes
  • in your application clearly show how writing this application contributes to the objectives of one of PThU's research programmes: Moving Identities and Mediating Good Life 
  • are able to work independently with a critical, proactive and positive attitude. You have excellent written and oral communication skills in English

What we offer you

We offer you a unique opportunity and a challenging job for 38 hours a week in an ambitious organization. Your employment contract is temporary for a period of six months and for this position the UFO profile Researcher 4 applies. Your salary is at least € 2,790 and maximum € 4,402 (scale 10) gross per month based on full working time 1.0 fte.

In addition, we offer you a comprehensive package of benefits, including 8% holiday pay and 8.3% end-of-year benefit. The cao Nederlandse Universiteiten /Protestant Theological University applies.

Who we are

We are a university for theology with over 300 students, 200 participants in postgraduate education and 100 employees. Our fascination with what faith does to people and what people do with faith prevails with us. In our education and research we respond self-consciously, critically and flexibly to the changes that are taking place in the field of faith, church and society, both nationally and internationally.

More information

More information about these vacancies can be found at Here you can also read about our vision and mission and our research programmes.

Would you like to learn more about the application procedure or content of these vacancies?

Contact one of our research programme leaders:


Apply no later than 15 May 2021 with a motivation letter, CV and a project plan (with a maximum of 1,500 words) in which you pay attention to, among other things: the motivation of the scholarship you want to apply for, the academic and social relevance of the research, and the added value of a postdoc fellowship at the PThU for your research. Please include also an example of your key output.

You can send your application to

Job interviews will be held at the PThU in Groningen/Amsterdam or online.


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