Full Professor of Practical Theology

The Protestant Theological University (PThU) is a theological university devoted to the ongoing reflection on and renewal of the Christian tradition in view of the church, the academy and society at large. We educate theologians for the ministry in congregations and institutions and conduct academic research into developments in faith, church, culture and world Christianity. We offer (post) academic education for theological professionals, social and church organisations and other interested parties. At present, the PThU is located in Amsterdam and Groningen and, from September 2024 onwards, will be located in Utrecht. PThU is seeking a Full Professor of Practical Theology (0.8-1.0 fte).

What will you be doing?

As a professor of practical theology, you will contribute to the research programmes of the university with empirical-theological, often ethnographic-theological and collaborative, research. Research at the PThU is increasingly clustered in in university-wide inter- or trans-disciplinary projects (e.g. ‘Soil’ [agricultural and environmental issues]; ‘Church2040’ [projects directly linked to the church]). Knowledge is generated in cooperation with a strong network of international academic partners as well as of — mainly national — societal partners. The main societal partner of PThU is the Protestant Church in the Netherlands (PCN).

You will contribute to the strong research collaborations within the department of Practical Theology: Worship and Formation exist in the Research Centre Youth, Church and Culture (OJKC), and the interuniversity Institute for Ritual and Liturgical Studies (IRiLiS), which both serve as a focal points for national and international academic researchers as well as professionals in church and society. Both centres are linked to the department.

Bachelor's and master's education offers interdisciplinary academic programmes aimed at the renewal of theological scholarship and leadership in church and society. Practical Theologians contribute with/from their expertise in the broad field of practical theological methods and subdisciplines.

You will deliver BA and MA education at the university in interdisciplinary academic programmes aimed at the renewal of theological scholarship and leadership in church and society. Practical theologians contribute to these courses with their expertise in the broad field of practical theological methods and subdisciplines.


You will:

  • develop, prepare and deliver education (programs) at the BA, MA and PAO (post academic education) levels in the field of practical theology
  • conduct scientific research, lead existing and developing research projects within the university's research programme
  • develop teaching and research in interdisciplinary contexts
  • position and valorise existing and new research in (inter)national networks
  • raise external funds and/or grants for research
  • attract and supervise PhD students
  • fulfil leadership, management, and administration responsibilities
  • contribute to church and community service

What do we ask?

  • PhD and continuing specialisation in the field of practical theology, preferably in one of the intersectional fields of the department, worship and formation
  • excellent research and teaching qualities, evidenced by international publications and personal contribution to national and international networks
  • a broad and integrative view of practical theology and its potential for the renewal of theology at large, developed in conversation with other theological subdisciplines and from an interdisciplinary collaboration with other areas of research in humanities.
  • ability to collaborate and make connections between one's own research and that of other researchers in- and outside the PThU
  • extensive experience in and positive evaluations of education at university level
  • good coaching and tutoring skills demonstrated by successful supervision of Master and preferably also PhD students
  • excellence of communication in a plural and diverse academic and denominational context at all levels (students, colleagues, collaborative partners)
  • knowledge of and interest in the Dutch theological, ecclesial, and cultural context
  • professed membership of and preferably five years of pastoral experience in the Protestant Church in the Netherlands or another protestant denomination
  • excellent oral and written command of the English language
  • mastering the Dutch language within two years to a level sufficient for active participation in research, teaching and administration
  • connected and inspirational leadership

What do we offer?

The Protestant Theological University offers good terms of employment with attention to flexibility and (personal) development. The employee will receive a temporary employment contract for the duration of eightteen months (external candidate). Upon proven suitability, this contract will be converted to a permanent contract.

The salary, depending on relevant experience at the start of employment, will be € 6,099 to € 8,881 gross per month based on full-time employment (scale H2 cao Nederlandse universiteiten/PThU). The vacation allowance is 8% and the year-end bonus 8.3%. There is a generous contribution to the ABP pension scheme and ample training opportunities. Also there is a good allowance for commuting costs and the possibility of tax exchange of employment conditions.

Learn more

For more information about our organisation, visit www.pthu.nl. PThU has laid out its mission, vision and policy intentions in an Institutional Plan for the period 2021-2026 (Dutch only). Some internal policy documents in the area of the university's research foci are available for candidates upon request.

For questions about the position of Professor of Practical Theology and the research and teaching context of the PThU including the four research projects, please contact Prof. Dr. Maarten Wisse, rector of the university at maarten.wisse@pthu.nl.

Want to apply?

Written applications with a motivation letter, curriculum vitae and list of publications can be sent to sollicitatie@pthu.nl attn: Prof. Dr. P.M. Wisse, chairperson Appointment Advisory Committee. Your application should be accompanied by an overview and evaluations of teaching you have given and a vision document of approximately two pages, in which you outline your research intentions for the next three years in a recruiting manner, in connection with the mission of PThU, the research foci and with connections to other (theological) disciplines, also with an eye to acquiring external funding.  You can send your application to us until 27 May at the latest.


Interviews will take place in mid-June. Providing a mini-lecture is part of this selection interview. The procedure includes a request for approval from the Synod of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands.

An assessment may be part of the application process.


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