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Albert Nijboer, International Officer
Drs. Albert Nijboer
International Officer en Ambtelijk Secretaris CWB

PhD Programme

Pursuing a PhD at the Protestant Theological University means spending a minimum of four years conducting original research and writing a dissertation. Throughout this time, PhD candidates work in close collaboration with their supervisor, a full professor of the University. So although we call it a "PhD study" it is more about doing independent research under the supervision of a full professor. Therefore we don't manage a deadline, nor for application, nor for starting the PhD studies. 


When interested in a PhD study at the PThU, the first step to be taken is to send a brief research proposal to one of our full professors and ask him/her if he/she would be willing to be your supervisor during your proposed PhD study. The research proposal should contain the following:

  • subject
  • discipline
  • relevance
  • main research question
  • sub questions
  • methodology
  • provisional overview of chapters
  • provisional bibliography

Once the professor indicates his/her preparedness to be your supervisor you will need to further develop the proposal until it´s ready to submit to the committee for academic practice. Besides an extensive research proposal, you will also be asked to send your c.v. and a training and supervision plan to the committee. Final admission will be given by the PThU Doctorate Board, based on the advice of the comittee and an external evaluation of your prior education at a master´s level.

Formal admissions requirements

1.a written declaration of a full professor of the Protestant Theological University stating his preparedness to assist you as a supervisor during your PhD research, as well as a full time of associate professor who is prepared to be your co-supervisor;

2.a Training and Supervision Plan, including a positive advice of the Committee for Academic Practice of the University.

For questions related to the application procedure, please contact:

Albert Nijboer, MA, International Officer
Drs. Albert Nijboer
Phone: +31 (0)88 3371 669
Address: Protestant Theological University, P.O. Box 7161, 1007 MC Amsterdam, The Netherlands