The PThU defines the valorisation of its research in terms of 3 P’s: People, Partnerships, and Products.  

  1. People: Research at the PThU serves people, – believers and non-believers – , who are concerned with questions of faith and meaning in life and are exploring the ongoing relevance of the Christian tradition by investigating its sources, beliefs, and practices.

    As the official institution for the education and training of ministers in the Protestant Church in the Netherlands, its research emerges from and is bolstered in particular by the concrete experiences of Protestant faith communities worldwide. With its offer of lifelong learning, the PThU fulfills a crucial role in the continuing education of ministers in the PKN.  

  2. Partnerships: To ensure that the needs of a broad range of social groups are met, the PThU collaborates with a variety of partners, i.e., social institutions and organizations with whom it develops concrete research projects by means of contracts and/or funding.

    Our research also entails close and long-standing forms of collaboration with other faith and non-faith based organizations and institutions in the broad domain of religion, literature, health care, social welfare, art, and education.  These organizations include Protestant churches both in the Netherlands and the ecumenical global context.

  3. Products: The results of the PThU’s research can be seen in a broad range of products. Apart from the production of high quality articles, books, and dissertations for the academic community, the PThU also shares its research via other media and means: articles in professional journals and newspapers, training programmes, lectures for a general audience, media performances, advisory board memberships, etc


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