Due to climate and ecological changes, Christians today face existential questions, as well as questions of faith: how do we relate to the earth in a way that is theologically justified? This interdisciplinary five-year research project takes ‘soil’ as its starting point.

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How do we deal with the earth faithfully? How do we ensure that our dealings with the earth are theologically sound? The Land research project seeks answers to these questions. As PThU, we want to engage with farmers, pastors, crofters and Christian congregations and equip them from sound scientific research. With your support, you stimulate the exchange of knowledge regarding land.

Soil: to the country! 

One of the ways we intend to do this is with our public programme "De boer op!" (roughly translates to: "to the country"). With this programme, we share our knowledge at festivals, at (our own) events and in creative sessions. Think "Bible-reading on the farm" and round-table discussions with local and regional food producers. As much as possible, we plan to organise this together with farmers, agricultural organisations, church congregations; in short, the people around whom this research revolves. To develop this programme, we need you.

The Soil project is mainly financed by the PThU and the Maatschappij van Welstand. In addition, Kerk en Wereld and several other funds are making this research possible. The amount we still need to realise the public programme is €42,000. To share our knowledge with society and the church, we therefore explicitly ask for support from church congregations, organisations and individuals. Not only financially: do you have tips, great examples and suggestions for us in the field of dealing with (agricultural) land, church and theology? Share them with project manager Nelleke Plomp at

PThU has ANBI status. This means, among other things, that donations are tax deductible.


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