Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy

The Practices group has since the previous research assessment strongly invested in its 'Care'-department. This domain has been developed in strong interaction with the societal field.

Walton’s subject is chaplaincy in healthcare institutions. He works with and for chaplains and ministers. Walton is a member of the scientific committee of the Association of Chaplains in Healthcare Institutions, and member of the committee that revises the Professional Standard of the named Association. He publishes articles and for professionals in spiritual care as well as for the general public support this work. De Vries is doing part-time research in the framework of the interuniversity Centre for Prison Chaplaincy (PThU and Tilburg University). De Vries closely cooperates with the ‘Dienst Geestelijke Verzorging’ (Department of Spiritual Care) of the Ministry of Safety and Justice that appoints and supervises prison chaplains, as well as with local churches that provide care for ex-prisoners (united in ‘Kerken met stip’). He organizes workshops for prison chaplains, and trains people who care for ex-prisoners. Several lectures and articles for professionals and the general public support this work.

Research Staff


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