Dom Hélder Câmara Lecture 2023: From the mouths of children....

1 November 2023 19:30

The Dom Hélder Câmara lecture 2023 is titled "From the mouth of children... Children's theology as challenge and opportunity." The lecture is devoted to the voice of children in theology and Biblical interpretation. In doing so, the lecture once again addresses a perspective that is often lacking in church and theology. South African theologian Dr. Shantelle Weber will deliver the main lecture, titled: "Jesus loves me this I know, DOES the Bible tell me so?"

About the speakers

Dr. Weber teaches practical theology at Stellenbosch University with a particular focus on the place of children in the church and children's theology. Contributions from Dutch practice and theology will inform the conversation.

Contributions from the Dutch context are provided by Corina Nagel (Protestant Church in the Netherlands) and Dr. Ronelle Sonnenberg (Protestant Theological University).

Free participation

The evening is freely accessible and of interest for those whose practice or theology deals with the role of children in church practice and theology. It is also of interest for those interested in new perspectives in Bible interpretation.


Location: PThu Hall, VU main building, Amsterdam.

The meeting is also available through livestream. For this purpose, a link will be shared with you shortly before the event itself.


The lecture is organised by the Centre for Contextual Bible Interpretation in cooperation with the Arminius Institute and Kerk in Actie. Translation of the lecture and discussion will be provided.


Registration is open until October 27.


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