40th International Barth Conference: Sin and guilt in a Cancel Culture

11 until 13 October 2023

The 40th Barth International Conference is all about sin and guilt. Is there such a thing as collective guilt? Does guilt of one people towards another people exist? What about guilt of humanity towards the earth? And if so, how does collective guilt relate to individual guilt? How can theologians in a post-Christian society contribute to dealing with guilt responsibly? How does confronting guilt affect our inward gaze, our understanding of ourselves?

For Karl Barth, a proper talk about guilt never starts only with a look inwards, but above all with a look at Jesus Christ. That may already not have been self-evident in his own time; but in 2023, for many it is even more of a question whether we will get much further from that starting point. At the same time, it always pays to consult Barth. What does Barth's thinking on sin and guilt contribute to a contemporary understanding of guilt? How do we move forward, with and after Barth? And: how virtuous is Karl Barth himself?

Our 40th International Barth Conference (main language: English) in Münster is dominated by these questions. Besides a number of main lectures, among others by Dutch National Theologian Prof Katja Tolstaja (VU Amsterdam, Barth expert and concerned with questions of guilt and trauma), we will do a close reading of relevant passages from Barth's work in small groups. Register now for a few days in an atmospheric setting to delve deeply into the subject matter with experts from different corners of the world.

Practical information

Location: Münster, Germany
Data: 11 October – 13 October.

Organisation: Prof. Dr. H. van den Belt (VU Amsterdam), Dr. C.C. den Hertog (Theological University Apeldoorn), Prof. Dr. A. Huijgen (Protestant Theological University), Prof. Dr. E. van ’t Slot (Protestant Theological University)


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