The Anselm Moment: responding theologically to the current times. 39th International Barth Conference

5 until 7 October 2022

It was about 1930 and Karl Barth felt that his theological thoughts began to reach a deadlock. To get out of it, he consulted Anselm of Canterbury. It is a pressing venture to study the impasse Barth was in, and the solutions he found in his book on Anselm. How do we in 2022 relate to Anselm’s and Barth’s methodological instructions, and what do they imply for our own era? That is the focus of this 39th Barth Conference.

Keynote Speakers

  • Prof. dr. Dr. Georg Plasger (Siegen) will introduce us to what Barth did and (especially) did not learn from Anselm, particularly with regard to the doctrine of atonement.
  • Dr. Timothy Stanley (Newcastle, Australia) will examine Barth's turn to Anselm from the context of philosophical issues of the time (1930) but also from central philosophical discussions of the moment.
  • Dr. Juliane Schüz will analyze and also assess the concept of faith in Barth's Anselmusbook (Fides quaerens intellectum: Faith in search of insight) from her own practice as a congregational minister.

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