Conference: Apprehending value

15 until 16 September 2022

Each of us, every single day, experiences the world as laden with value. We see situations as just or unjust, view a person as spineless or courageous, experience a philosophy lecture as interesting or boring, and so forth. This conference aims to address the fundamental questions raised by such experiences.


Value experience is ubiquitous. Such experiences raise numerous fundamental questions. This conference aims to address three main issues:

  • First, how should we understand the experience of apprehending value?
  • Second, which factors might jeopardise the apprehension of value?
  • Third, how can we cultivate our capacity or capacities for apprehending value?

Keynote speakers

  • Robert Audi (Notre Dame): Three dimensions of the apprehension of value
  • Sophie Grace Chappell (Open University): Epiphanies as direct experiences of value
  • Íngrid Vendrell-Ferran (Philipps-Universität Marburg): How are values apprehended? In defense of the model of feeling
  • Rick Anthony Furtak (Colorado College): Feelings of being overwhelmed as sources of insight into value

More information and registration

For more information and to register, please visit our conference page.

This conference is made possible by The Dutch Research Council (NWO) under Grant 016.Veni.195.447.


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