Young Theologians Panel

5 April 2022 19:30

The second day of our international conference on the good life in times of crisis will close with our Young Theologians panel. They will be reacting to the statements: “Times of crisis can put a positive perspective on life under pressure” and “In a time of crisis, the Bible guides me / my community / people in our society in making just decisions.” You can watch the panel live on YouTube.

Panel members

Present in the panel are:

  • Tabitha van Krimpen, Theology master student, Young Theologian of the Netherlands 2021-2022
  • Almatine Leene, PhD, Theologian of the Netherlands 2020-2021, ordained minister, author, lecturer
  • Thandi Soko-de Jong MTh ResMA, PhD candidate studying Jesus as healer images in light of chronic health conditions
  • Martijn Stoutjesdijk, Completed a PhD study on slavery in early Christian and early Jewish parables
  • Ruben van Zwieten, Ordained minister and founder of De Nieuwe Poort Zuidas Weena Valencia

Panel moderator is Elsbeth Gruteke, Dutch radio host, historian, theologian and minister

Watch panel

You can watch the panel here from 8 PM CET. Please click the play button to start the video.

Young Theologians panel


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