PThU International Conference 'Negotiating Good Life in Times of Crisis: Voices of Theology and Religious Studies'

4 until 7 April 2022

Theologians and scholars in religious studies are called to reflect on good life. This international conference seeks to create a platform for reflecting together on good life in the face of the interrelated crises of today’s world. The conference aims to explore what constitutes a ‘good life’ and in what way ‘good life’ is envisioned and promoted in religion. We will inquire religious sources as well as beliefs and practices, in both historical and contemporary perspective. How do Christians and others negotiate ‘good’ life in times of crisis?

About the conference

Crisis situations have an enormous impact on people’s lives. Natural disasters, illness, conflict or violence: they all affect people’s health, mind and social wellbeing. It’s during such times that people reconsider what it means to live a ‘good’ life. How can they flourish when they’re confronted with economic or environmental collapse? How do they give meaning to their lives when their job is on the line? And what makes their lives worth living when they’ve contracted a fatal illness?  

Keynotes by Dr. Aruna Gnanadason (India), Rabbi Awraham Soetendorp (the Netherlands), Dr. Cynthia Rigby (United States) and Dr. Allan Boesak (South Africa) are open to the public and will be broadcast online via our YouTube channel.

Check out our official international conference page to register or read more.


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