Keynote Aruna Gnanadason: Negotiating good life in times of crisis

4 April 2022 16:30

Dr. Aruna Gnanadason will provide the opening keynote of the PThU international conference on the good life in times of crisis. Dr. Aruna Gnanadason is the former Director of World Council of Churches Programme on Women in Church and Society in Chennai, India.


I decided to keep the theme of this conference as the title of my presentation because it is so inspirational. Amid tremendous suffering and death that the COVID pandemic has wreaked on the world, and particularly on India which (according to WHO reports) has the second-largest numbers of COVID related deaths in the world. Our conversations have focussed on the challenge to Christians to respond to the context: to find theological answers to the suffering as well as to deal with the impact of the virus in our societies and the world. It has exposed many forms of discrimination and even divides in our society – class, gender, religion, and caste have all been exposed to be at the heart of the injustices that plague our world. It revealed the ineptitude of our government to deal with the impact of the virus, and the brazen disregard of all democratic institutions and the rights of particularly the most vulnerable. Every day exposed a new challenge in the bid to negotiate life itself. I realised we had missed an important dimension which the theme of this conference beckons us to explore. We cannot be content to rebuild what we had in pre-COVID times and pretend that it is okay to go back to that. We have to negotiate a good life! This keynote will explore some of the qualities of a ‘good life’ and some steps to get there.

Watch keynote

The keynote will stream live from 4.30 PM CET. Press the play button to start the video.

Keynote Aruna Gnanadason: Negotiating good life in times of crisis


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