Moral Compass Conference 'The search for moral common ground'

21 until 23 March 2022

In the current political, cultural, and moral climate, constructive debates about morality are rare. On the one hand, positions are highly polarized. On the other hand, there seems to be a significant relativistic tendency. Can we still have meaningful conversations about matters of morality? Is there a shared moral language between representatives of opposing positions? And what are the prospects of finding shared values? Join our conference to discuss the notion of a shared ‘moral compass’ and moral common ground.

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Is there a shared ‘moral compass’ that could guide conversations about morality? Does moral common ground exist in a world with so many different religions and ideologies? If we do find each other in shared ideas about matters of morality, is this only on an abstract level, such as an abstract idea of human rights? Is it mostly on a practical level, such as the consensus about the need for accessible health care or freedom of speech? Or on all of these levels? How do we balance our search for a shared moral framework while taking into consideration the particularity of people’s moral frameworks? What are the role, the importance and the limitations of religion and theological reflection in these matters?

More information can be found on our conference page.


Registration is now open. The participation fee is €200, and €75 for PhD students.
We will, however, keep our eyes on how things are developing with regard to Covid-19. Should the need arise, we will move online, in which case the participation fee is €40 for everyone.

The participation fee includes admission to all sessions of the conference, conference materials, lunches and refreshments, and dinners on Monday and Tuesday. Hotel accommodation is not included in the conference fee.

If the fee or other related costs (such as travel) presents a hardship for you, please send an email to


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