Lecture: The Liberal, Humanist Case Against a Completed Life Law

25 October 2021

In his lecture, Kevin Yuill presents an atheistic case against the legalization of assisted suicide in the case of ‘completed life’. Critical of both sides of the argument, it questions the assumptions behind the discussion. Yuill shows that our attitudes towards suicide are most important to our attitudes towards assisted suicide.

Keynote Speaker

Kevin Yuill (University of Sunderland, UK) is the author of Assisted Suicide: The Liberal, Humanist Case Against Legalization (Palgrave MacMillan, 2013). In October/November 2021 he will be affiliated with the PThU as ‘scholar in residence’, in close collaboration with Prof. Theo Boer and Dr. Stef Groenewoud. 

Panel Speakers

  • Ton Vink | Philosopher and former director of foundation De Einder
  • Suzanne van den Eynden | Philosopher, graduated on the theme of ‘Completed Life’, works at the Van Mierlo Foundation 
  • Maarten Verkerk | Philosopher, member of the Schnabel Committee on ‘Completed life’
  • Annemarieke van der Woude | Pastor of the Remonstrant municipality of Oosterbeek and professor at the Master's in Mental Care at Radboud University 


14.00  - Welcome 
14.05  - Introductory remarks on the Dutch Law proposal on ‘Completed Life' (Theo Boer and Stef Groenewoud)
14.15  - Keynote: The Liberal, Humanist Case Against a Completed Life Law, followed by Q&A (Kevin Yuill)
14.45  - Short Coffee-brake
14.50  - Response: The Religious Case Against Completed Life (Maarten Verkerk, MP)
15.02 -  Response: Suicide, the Individual and the Government (Ton Vink)
15.15 -  Response: Religious Perspectives on a Liberal Law (Annemarieke van der Woude)
15.28  - Response: Does a Completed Life Act need Extra Safeguards? (Suzanne van den Eynden)
15.40  - Break
15.55 -  Panel Discussion: Kevin Yuill, Maarten Verkerk, Ton Vink, Suzanne van den Eynden and Annemarieke van der Woude
16.40 - Closing and drinks

This is a public lecture and panel discussion which will take place in the filmzaal (PThU wing at the VU). Admission is free and languague will be English. 



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