PhD thesis defense Trimargono Meytrias Ebenheser

4 December 2020

Friday 4 December 2020, 11.00 h, Trimargono Meytrias Ebenheser will defend his thesis Interfaith Marriage. A Study of Contextual Church Polity in the Religiously Plural Context of Indonesia.   


Trimargono Meytrias Ebenheser (1971) was born in Karanganyar, Indonesia. From 1991 to 1995 he studied Theology in the Faculty of Theology, Duta Wacana Christian University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He obtained his MA (in Theology) in 2003 at the International Reformed Theological Institute (IRTI) of the Faculty of Theology, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. He is active in the interfaith movement.  He has served as an ordained minister of the Sidomukti Christian Church of Java in Salatiga, Indonesia, since 1997. His experience in interfaith activities gave rise to his concerns about interfaith issues, particularly interfaith marriage.


The public defence will be broadcast online on 4 December from 11:00. Please use the stream below.


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