Symposium: Building Bridges towards a more Humane Society

16 until 17 October 2020

In 1994, the Bridging Gaps programme (formerly Breuken en Bruggen or Puentos y Roturas) started. 25 years later, over 250 students from 40 countries belonging to various denominations have participated in the programme. This online symposium aims to celebrate and share some of the outstanding contributions of former participants to the field of contextual theology.

About the Bridging Gaps programme

The Bridging Gaps programme aims to facilitate intercultural and ecumenical exchange among participants from the Global South, and to foster contextual theology. Through contextual Bible studies, lectures on hermeneutics, individual research and intercontextual exchange, the participants learn how context influences one’s understanding of theology, and how context can enrich theology.

About the symposium

In a two-day programme, former participants and others affiliated with the program will give lectures on theology in the context of forced migration, gender injustice, ecological crises, and economic injustices.


Among the main speakers are:

  • Lady Mandalika, PhD candidate in Old Testament Studies, Vrije Universiteit
  • Mary-Luz Reyes Bejarano, Professor at Corporación Universidad Reformada in Barranquilla (Colombia)
  • the Rt. Rev Manuel Ernesto, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Nampula (Mozambique)
  • Dr. Darío Barolín, executive secretary of the Latin America Alliance of Presbyterian and Reformed Churches (AIRPAL)
  • Dr. Charlene van der Walt, associate professor Gender and Religion at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa)

This list will be updated as we move towards the symposium!

Participants from all over the world are welcome

Since this is a digital gathering, we are able to welcome speakers and participants from all over the world. The schedule of the first day of the symposium is designed to include participants from time zones in the Americas, Africa and Europe. The schedule of the second day of the symposium is designed to include participants from time zones in Asia, Africa and Europe.


The symposium will take place via Zoom. The Zoom invitation will be sent to all registered attendees. Please register via the form below, and indicate which day(s) you'd like to participate.

The Bridging Gaps program is sponsored by Kerk in Actie, VUvereniging, Stichting Sormani Fonds, Nederlands Luthers Genootschap, Stichting Catherina Halkes Fonds, Doopsgezind Seminarium, Remonstrans Seminarium, and Baptistenseminarium.


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