Subject of 2022 Barth Conference

It was about 1930 and Karl Barth felt that his theological thoughts began to reach a deadlock. For ten years, in a 'time between the times', he had stressed that the only thing theologians could do was to wait for the right word, until God Himself comes and speaks the Word. Theologians can only point out that this is what has to happen.
But do they have no other tasks? Can they never affirm anything about what God has to say and what has occurred in the Word?

About the 2022 conference theme


The programme will be announced soon.

Venue of the 2022 Barth Conference

Our venue was the Liudgerhaus of the Institut für Diakonat und pastorale Dienste in Münster, Germany. The Liudgerhaus is located in the middle of the old town centre. There are serveral conferencerooms and there is a chapel for liturgical moments. There are single bedrooms with shower and toilet.


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