Subject of 2023 Barth Conference

What does it mean to speak about guilt in a collective sense? And how does collective guilt relate to individual guilt? In Karl Barth’s opinion, this view on our (innermost) selves would certainly not serve as the most fitting starting point for an adequate thinking about guilt: but we would have to start with looking at Jesus Christ.

About the 2023 conference theme

Call for papers

Those who are interested to present a small paper (max. 20 minutes, 2000 words) during the conference, are kindly invited to submit their proposals by 15 July to Prof. Dr. H. van den Belt ( Any subject related to the issues of this conference is welcome.


Wednesday, October 11th : arrival between 10.00 - 11.00 am    
Friday, October 13th : departure between 3.00 - 4.00 pm        

(If you wish to arrive already on Tuesday, it is possible to make a room reservation at your owe expense. Information about the rooms and prices can be found on the location page (>        

The programme will be announced soon.

Venue of the 2023 Barth Conference

Our venue is the Liudgerhaus of the Institut für Diakonat und pastorale Dienste in Münster, Germany. The Liudgerhaus is located in the middle of the old town centre. There are serveral conference rooms and there is a chapel for liturgical moments. There are single bedrooms with shower and toilet.



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