Theology under the conditions of the present world

31 May 2022

In the western world our current situation is labelled as post-modern, post-christian and post-secular. Even though these terms can be contested, they pose the question what it means to do theology under the conditions of our present day’s world. How to engage with the Bible and classical forms of theology and how to make them productive again? Our seminars for the new season deal with these questions.

Join a PThU seminar

The PThU seminars in period 1 (September – early November 2022) attempt to show that theological reflection is still useful, also in an era and a region in which many define themselves as non-religious. In two of these seminars, two different strands of the Christian tradition are studied, namely the Lutheran reformation theology and Liberal theology. In these seminars, insights in these theological traditions are deepened with the aim of updating and actualizing our heritage. Since their focus is different, these seminars cover a wide range of modern and postmodern theological perspectives. As they both try to interpret theological traditions for today, they form a complementary combination of courses. We warmly invite you to attend.


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