David VanDrunen to start as research fellow

16 May 2022

Dr. David VanDrunen will stay at the PThU from May 28 to June 25, 2022 as a senior Research Fellow. Dr. VanDrunen is Robert B. Strimple Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Ethics at Westminster Seminary California Seminary (USA).


During his stay dr. VanDrunen will work on his research in virtue ethics and Protestant theology as part of his three-volume book project on Reformed Ethics. VanDrunen will give guest lectures to Master's students in the theme field 'Guidance' about theological anthropology. He will also participate in a Moral Compass Project seminar and provide a response to the International Reformed Theological Institute's online international conference on 'Theology Facing Climate Change'. In addition, he will contribute to a book panel at the conference of The European Academy of Religion in Bologna on Pieter Vos' monograph 'Longing for the Good Life: Virtue Ethics after Protestantism'.

About the research fellowship

Through the research fellowship programme, the PThU invites international researchers to stay at the PThU for a month as guest researcher. During their stay they are meant to contribute to the development of the research and the research foci of the PThU: Mediating Good Life and Moving Identities. With the programme, the PThU also aims to give an impulse to the further internationalisation of its research by setting up or further shaping collaboration with international partners and by stimulating international co-publications.

Although the programme is primarily focused on research, research fellows also give guest lectures in order to contribute to the international and intercultural dimension of education at the PThU. Although the university strongly encourages study abroad, it strives for internationalisation for all, including those who stay at home.

Photo: Benedict Chua


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