General Synod confirms the decision of the PThU to choose Utrecht as its new location

22 April 2022

On Thursday 21 April, the general synod of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands approved the intention of the Executive Board of the Protestant Theological University (PThU) to move this university to Utrecht.

Choice for Utrecht

The choice for Utrecht was the result of a careful and intensive orientation and decision-making process at PThU, currently located in Amsterdam and Groningen. Students, employees, the advisory council, the university council and the supervisory board were involved in this process. Frequent consultations were also held with the various cooperation partners. With its decision, the general synod confirms the choice of the board of the PThU to establish the PThU in one location that is centrally located and easily accessible, and offers opportunities for collaboration with a broad university. A location that strengthens the independent position of the PThU in the midst of partners and facilitates academic community building.

Reason for a new location

The reason to look for a new location was based on some conclusions of a strength-weakness analysis that was carried out in 2020. It was found that the existing location in two locations hinders the formation of a close-knit academic community in which students, teachers and guests can meet, collaborate, study and celebrate. This requires a branch in one location, which is easily accessible, promotes academic interdependence and supports the PThU's own visibility. In addition, having two locations is expensive and inefficient, especially in providing education. That means the PThU's own visibility is also weaker.

Next steps

The decision to move to Utrecht is the first phase in the process towards one location. Now that the general synod has ratified the decision of choosing Utrecht, a programme of requirements will be formulated for the concrete location. The move will be prepared on the basis of this schedule of requirements. The PThU aims to be able to start at the new location on September 1, 2024.


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