PThU welcomes Indonesian PhD students

8 February 2022

Graduate School director dr. Benno van den Toren welcomed nine PhD students of PThU's partner institution Sekolah Tinggi Filsafat Theologi (STFT) Jakarta in Groningen yesterday. The students will be attending our university from February till July 2022 for a research stay, on a scholarship from the Indonesian government. 

About the students

Prior to their visit, the Indonesian PhD students participated online in the Initial Graduate School, a six weeks intensive event with a focus on research ethics, research skills and the development of a research proposal. 

During their on-site stay in Groningen, the students will participate in research seminars and receive individual guidance by academic staff of their host institution, next to their individual research. 

STFT Jakarta

STFT Jakarta is one of the main Indonesian partner institutions of the PThU. Both institutions are members of the Netherlands - Indonesia Consortium for Muslim - Christian Relations (NICMCR). In a meeting last month with PThU's rector Professor Maarten Wisse, and Dr. Binsar Pakpahan, member of the management team of STFT Jakarta, the terms of a new collaboration agreement were discussed, to intensify the long-term bilateral cooperation between both institutions.


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