Mechteld Jansen to step down as rector and succession procedure to start

10 December 2020

As of the new academic year 2021-2022, Mechteld Jansen will step down as rector of the PThU.


There are still quite a few months to go before it gets that far, months in which a lot will be set in motion with full energy. Months in which the PThU will be looking for a successor, to whom Jansen would like to hand over the rectorship with all due care. She takes this step with confidence, being attached to and fused with the PThU, which she believes has everything in it to be a stable and dynamic factor in the theological landscape.

Decision at the right time

"I was able to take this decision with peace and conviction," says Mechteld Jansen. "You grow towards something like this. Now that I am entering my seventh year as a rector, it feels like a natural moment to pass the baton, even if it is slightly earlier than my formal second term of office ends. The PThU is in very good administrative hands with Kees Boele and soon, beside him, with a new rector, who will keep academic theology on the map and further develop it. The strategic process and the educational review can be completed and then actually take place under new management. That is the proper time for a new rector to take over."

Going new ways

Jansen indicates that she would like to dedicate a few more years personally to other projects that require a bit more thinking and writing. Her decision therefore includes an early retirement from the professorship in the chair of missiology. The corona crisis has partly influenced that decision. Reflection on a working life and its meaning led her to choose to devote more time and attention to sustainable relationships, church and society. "It will not be easy for me to let go of all the beautiful things the PThU brings, but ever since I have my own clarity about his, and am giving clarification to others, I know that there will always be new good paths for the PThU and for me."

Of significance for the PThU

The Supervisory Board, through the chairman, mr. J.P.H. Donner, commented on the intention: "The Supervisory Board has taken note of the intention of the rector, Professor Dr. Mechteld Jansen, to step down as rector at the beginning of the next academic year and to retire as professor. The Board regrets the early retirement of Professor Jansen, but fully understands her personal reasons for this. The Executive Board is still expected to complete the decision-making on a new institutional plan and the educational reform and to initiate the various activities arising from this.

The Supervisory Board will take up the procedure for the appointment of a new rector from now on. The authorities involved will be informed. In January, the Board hopes to talk to them about the profile for a new rector, in order to invite candidates to make themselves known in that month. In addition, a selection committee will be set up to nominate a new rector to the Council. The new rector will come from the circle of professors who are permanently employed at the university for at least 80% of the working hours. In due course, the Council will provide further information on how to proceed."

If this message raises questions, you can contact and refer to Mechteld Jansen: Students and our affiliated organisations will also be notified about this.


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