PThU takes corona measures

12 March 2020

The Dutch cabinet decided on Thursday 12 March that all science education in universities will be suspended until at least 31 March. The PThU will follow this advice and has taken the following measures.

  • From Friday 13 March until at least Tuesday 31 March, all physical classes are suspended, both in Amsterdam and Groningen.
  • All scientific research will continue where possible. This also goes for internships, unless they take place in locations for which restrictions have been imposed.
  • All students will be informed as soon as possible about possible consequences of the measures taken, where they concern education and testing. You will find the most current information on our coronavirus page on our website:
  • All events with over 100 participants (including inaugural lectures and promotions) will be canceled or postponed. For events with less than 100 participants, the initiators will decide if they will or won't continue.
  • All external events taking place in the buildings of either VU or RUG with more than 100 people will be canceled.
  • For employees, the advice is to work from home as much as your function allows. Employees should discuss this with their direct manager.
  • Employees with health issues like colds, coughs or fever should stay at home, and if necessary call in sick to their direct manager.


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