Global Christianity Website Project Granted 175.000 Euro

18 October 2018

PThU professor dr. Benno van den Toren has been awarded a total of € 175.000 to create a website that will make African theological voices more accessible. 

About the website

The website is the first stage of a larger project called ‘Global Christianity at Your Fingertips’, and in time will include various online resources on global theology, as well as a network connecting faculty, librarians and students around the world. The grant was provided by the John Templeton Foundation and an anonymous donor. The website is scheduled to be launched in the summer of 2020.

Global Christianity Website Project

Though Christianity is a global and multicultural reality, the different theological voices of the global church are not easily accessible. To help meet this need and encourage intercultural conversation, the Global Christianity Website project will create a website on global Christian theology. The website will consist of:

  • a database of bibliographical articles on key topics by leading scholars, with seamless links to theological resources available online
  • extended bibliographies on these key topics
  • a portal providing links to other sites with useful resources on global theology
  • a collection of tools on how to use online resources in research

Around this website, the project will develop a network to connect faculty, librarians and students with a shared interest in the development of this research tool and online resources in the field of global theology.

First stage: creating the African Christianity website and network 

As a first step towards this vision, the project will create a website and network that focuses on African Christian theology in English and French-speaking Sub-Saharan Africa. Visitors will explore in new depth African theological contributions to global conversations on the nature of God, reality, salvation and the good life. The website will create a greater awareness of the indispensability of intercultural conversations in a multicultural world and of the value of non-traditional sources for theological and spiritual reflection.

Project contributors 

The project will be led by professor Van den Toren, assisted by PThU Ph.D. student Sam Bussey as managing editor. An editorial team will be formed which will include an anglophone editor, a francophone editor and five regional editors representing both Anglophone and Francophone Africa. They will be supported by six research assistants. Two consultations will be held in Kenya and the Netherlands to determine the format and content of the website and to evaluate the project progress. 


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