Dr. Oleh Kindiy to provide guest lectures at PThU Amsterdam

1 October 2018

From 26 September to 4 October, Dr. Oleh Kindiy, vice-dean of internationalization at the Faculty of Philosophy and Theology of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU), is visiting the PThU in Amsterdam. As a systematic, he will provide different guest lectures in the courses “Eschatology” and “Christus meerduidig”. Besides that, he will participate in the conference “Traditional Values and Human Rights”, which will take place from 1-2 October at the PThU in Amsterdam.

Erasmus+ project

His visit has been used as an opportunity to evaluate the Erasmus+ project (KA107 International Credit Mobility), that aims to intensify the cooperation between both institutions. Until now 6 students and 5 staff members of the UCU have participated in this project, by staying for a period of time at the PThU in Amsterdam. Next spring different staff members of the PThU will teach at the UCU in Lviv. The National Agency Erasmus+ has granted an amount of €58.000 to the project. This will give students of the PThU the opportunity to study in the west of Ukraine, for a period from 3 to 12 months.


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