Conference: Apprehending value
Each of us, every single day, experiences the world as laden with value. We see situations as just or unjust, view a person as spineless or courageous, experience a philosophy lecture as interesting or boring, and so forth. This conference aims to address the fundamental questions raised by such experiences.
Facts & Figures
September 2022
Two-day conference
Keynote speakers
Beautiful venue
In de Driehoek, Utrecht, the Netherlands


Value experience is ubiquitous. Such experiences raise numerous fundamental questions. This conference aims to address three main issues.

  • How should we understand the experience of apprehending value?

    First, how should we understand the experience of apprehending value? What faculties or capacities are involved? Is apprehending value to be understood in terms of perception, for example, and if so, what is involved in such moral or evaluative perception? Should we think of the apprehension of value in terms of affective experience, maintaining that our emotions or feelings or moods disclose value to us? Or perhaps we should understand such experiences in terms of a combination of these and/or other capacities?  

  • Which factors might jeopardize the apprehension of value?

    'Second, which factors might jeopardize the apprehension of value? That is, what might weaken our sensitivity to value or, perhaps, make us (temporarily) blind to it? For example, might the disengagement that typically accompanies philosophical and scientific inquiry jeopardize our openness to value? And can we understand affective phenomena, despite their purported importance for apprehending value, as potentially obscuring value as well?

  • How can we cultivate our capacity or capacities for apprehending value?

    Third, how can we cultivate our capacity or capacities for apprehending value? That is, are there ways to increase our sensitivity to value and if so, what are these? For example, what might be involved in a cultivation of perception in this regard, or an education of affectivity? Is there even such a thing as a cultivated sensitivity to value and, if so, how should we understand it? 

Keynote speakers

  • Robert Audi, Notre Dame
    Three dimensions of the apprehension of value
  • Sophie Grace Chappell, Open University
    Epiphanies as direct experiences of value
  • Íngrid Vendrell-Ferran, Philipps-Universität Marburg
    How are values apprehended? In defense of the model of feeling
  • Rick Anthony Furtak, Colorado College
    Feelings of being overwhelmed as sources of insight into value

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Conference- and meeting centre In de Driehoek. Behind two small picturesque houses at the Mariahoek in Utrecht lies the convent of Saint Gertrudis, hardly visible from the street. Today, this hidden church is called Gertrudis Chapel and can be reached from the Willemsplantsoen with the entrance next to the cathedral “Gertrudis church”. The hidden church was created around 1640 and offered refuge to Catholics who had been driven out of the Geertekerk by the Protestants after the Reformation.

An extensive restoration was carried out in the 1990s. Since 1992, the Gertrudis chapel has been the historical showpiece of the conference and meeting centre In de Driehoek. In 2016, In de Driehoek was completely rebuilt while retaining all its monumental features. This has created a modern conference and meeting centre with allure in the centre of Utrecht. Easily accessible by car and within walking distance of Utrecht Central Station.

In de Driehoek
Willemsplantsoen 1c
3511 LA Utrecht
030 234 3307


Participants are responsible for their own hotel arrangements. Utrecht has plenty of options, so finding a hotel should pose no problem. The following hotels are recommended because of their price-quality ratio and their proximity to the venue of the conference:

You can also find good alternatives on AirBnB.


Scholars interested in these topics are warmly invited to join the conference. Registration is now open. 
The conference fee includes lunches and refreshments on Thursday and Friday, and dinner on Thursday.

Conference organiser

Rob Compaijen
Postdoctoral researcher
Protestant Theological University, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Any queries related to this conference can be directed to:  

This conference is made possible by The Dutch Research Council (NWO) under Grant 016.Veni.195.447.


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