Handbook of Disaster Ritual available open access

16 March 2022

Thanks to a generous contribution of the Protestant Theological University the Handbook of Disaster Ritual is now available open access!

The Handbook of Disaster Ritual: Multidisciplinary Perspectives, Cases and ThemesĀ appeared as the 32nd volume in IRiLiS's series Liturgia Condenda. It was edited by dr. Martin Hoondert, prof. dr. Paul Post, dr. habil. Mirella Klomp and prof. dr. Marcel Barnard, and was published by Peeters Publishers Leuven. The Handbook presents an overview of relevant literature, perspectives, methods, concepts, as well as a selection of topical themes in relation to current disaster rituals. The handbook has been compiled from multi-disciplinary and geographically diverse perspectives and works with broad definitions of the concepts of both disaster and ritual.

In 2021, the Handbook was pusblished in print. We are thankful for the financial contribution of the Protestant Theological University to make this important book availabe open access.


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