Liturgia Condenda

The Liturgia Condenda series offers an international forum for innovative research in the field of ritual and liturgical studies. Its rationale is that liturgy and ritual are complex, multidimensional research objects that are to be investigated both contextually (in past and present) and from a variety of (sub)disciplinary perspectives. This rationale gives this series a distinct multidisciplinary, societal and cultural oriented profile.

Editorial board

The editorial board consists of prof. dr. Marcel Barnard (editor in chief, Amsterdam/Stellenbosch), prof. dr. Teresa Berger (Yale), prof. dr. Stefan Böntert (Bochum), dr. Martin Hoondert (Tilburg), dr. Andrew Irving (Groningen), dr. Mirella Klomp (Amsterdam), prof. dr. Benedikt Kranemann (Erfurt), dr. Rima Nasrallah (Beirut), prof. dr. Paul Post (Tilburg), prof. dr. Thomas Quartier (Nijmegen/Leuven), prof. dr. Gerard Rouwhorst (Utrecht/Tilburg) and prof. dr. Cas Wepener (Stellenbosch). Dr. Gerard Lukken is 'honorary editor'.

Advisory board

Members of the advisory board are prof. em. Paul Bradshaw (London), prof. dr. Joris Geldhof (Leuven), prof. dr. Arnaud Join-Lambert (Louvain-la-Neuve), prof. dr. Lizette Larson-Miller (London ON), prof. dr. Martin Klöckener (Fribourg), dr. Jan Luth (Groningen), prof. em. Nathan Mitchell (Notre Dame IN), prof. dr. Keith Pecklers (Rome/Boston), dr. Susan Roll (Ottawa), prof. dr. Martin Stringer (Swansea), prof. dr. Eric Venbrux (Nijmegen) and dr. Joanna Wojtkowiak (Utrecht).

The series and its volumes

Liturgia Condenda is published by Peeters Publishers since 1997. The complete list of volumes can be found here. Books can also be ordered directly from their website.

Manuscripts submitted to this series undergo a peer review process.  Authors interested in publishing their work in this series are invited to contact the managing editor, dr. Janieke Bruin, at

  • "All in all, the book is a marvellous addition to liturgical science."
    Ecclesia orans
    Book review of Liturgica Condenda 30