Netherlands Studies in Ritual and Liturgy (NSRL)

The book series Netherlands Studies in Ritual and Liturgy is open to manuscripts of researchers working in the field of ritual and liturgical studies at Dutch universities. NSRL was established on the initiative of IRiLiS and the Institute for Christian Cultural Heritage at Groningen University. This series frequently (but not solely) launches PhD theses. Normally, publications are Open Access available two years after publication of the printed version.

Editorial board

The editorial board consists of prof. dr. Marcel Barnard (editor in chief, Amsterdam/Stellenbosch), prof. dr. Joris Geldhof (Leuven), dr. Martin Hoondert (Tilburg), dr. Andrew Irving (Groningen), dr. Mirella Klomp (Amsterdam), prof. dr. Paul Post (Tilburg), prof. dr. Thomas Quartier (Nijmegen/Leuven), prof. dr. Gerard Rouwhorst (Utrecht/Tilburg) and prof. dr. Eric Venbrux (Nijmegen).

Advisory board

Members of the advisory board are prof. dr. Sible de Blaauw (Nijmegen), prof. dr. Bert Groen (Graz), prof. dr. Benedikt Kranemann (Erfurt), dr. Jan Luth (Groningen), prof. dr. Peter Jan Margry (Amsterdam), prof. dr. Keith Pecklers (Rome/Boston), dr. Susan Roll (Ottawa), prof. dr. Martin Stringer (Swansea) and dr. Joanna Wojtkowiak (Utrecht).

Published volumes

For parts that are available Open Access: click on the link for a PDF of the book. 

Ordering copies

The ISSN of this series is:1571-8808. Should you like to order a copy of one of the published volumes, please send an e-mail to dr. Andrew Irving, Centre for Religion and Heritage, Groningen University, Oude Boteringestraat 38, 9712 GK Groningen, tel. +31 (050) 363 4587, e-mail: .

Interested in publishing in this series?

If you are an author who is interested in publishing in this series, please contact the coordinator of IRILIS, dr. Janieke Bruin, via