Call for Papers Yearbook for Ritual and Liturgical Studies

1 February 2023

You are kindly invited to submit a manuscript for publication in the online journal Yearbook for Ritual and Liturgical Studies. The deadline for submitting articles is 1 May.

Please note:

  • articles should not normally exceed 8,000 words in length, including any notes;
  • articles are to be anonymized by the author prior to submission;
  • editorial and bibliographical instructions are found in the journal's style sheet;
  • manuscripts - if written in a language that is not the author's mother tongue - must be corrected at native speakers level before submission;
  • illustrations (provided that they are free of rights) may separately be sent along;
  • summaries of dissertations (normally published in the language of the thesis) should not exceed 5,000 words and should not contain any notes or illustrations.

If you are currently preparing a submission to our journal, we kindly ask you to give us a heads up, simply by sending an email to

More information about the journal can be found here