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21 september 2017

Promotie Stephen Milford MA aan de PThU

Op donderdag 21 september verdedigt Stephen Milford in de Aula van het Academiegebouw van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (Broerstraat 5, Groningen) zijn proefschrift. De titel van de dissertatie luidt: ‘Eccentricity in Anthropologie. David H. Kelsey’s Anthropological Formula as a Way Out of the Substantive-Relational Image Dei Debate’.

De promotieplechtigheid begint om 14.30 uur precies en de voertaal is Engels. Promotores zijn prof. dr. Benno van den Toren en prof. dr. Rinse Reeling Brouwer. 

Over het proefschrift (Engels)

Eccentricity in Anthropology is a research project on humanity. It explores important questions about what human beings are and how they ought to live. It argues for an extended description of humanity created in the image of God. Here the author claims that human beings can be described rather than defined. This description looks at five important aspects of being human. The approach helps to avoid longstanding tensions in past definitions. The author uses this five-part description to answer questions about personhood, individuality and spiritual bodies. The work further covers a wide range of topics, such as the relationship between human beings and aliens. It challenges past descriptions and offers new ways of thinking about human life. The work is, therefore, important for anyone interested in questions of humanity before and after death.

Over de promovendus

Stephen Milford, a minister for more than a decade, is currently minister of Brackley Baptist Church, UK. He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Johannesburg and two master’s degrees, one from Oxford University.