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10 mei 2017

Christian Muslim Encounters. Perspectives on modalities of interreligious co-existence from Asia, Africa and Europe

Across Asia, Africa and Europe, Christians and Muslims live in shared settings, defining themselves in distinction to each other, at times engaging in violent conflicts, but also being entangled in multiple ways and showing unexpected similarities.

In current scholarly research on religion, the study of Christianity and Islam is thriving. But often, notwithstanding some laudable exceptions and initiatives, these study fields still exist more or less independently from each other. Rarely have the encounters and entanglements of Christianity or Islam and the modalities of interreligious co-existence been a central research issue or studied within a common framework, even though Christians, Muslims and others have co-existed – and still co-exist - more or less peacefully in many contexts.

This symposium, drawing on case-studies from Asia, Africa and Europe, explores the modalities of coexistence of Christians and Muslims in the public domain.

One of the main speakers is dr. Gé Speelman from the Protestant Theological University. Her research is mainly in the field of Christian-Muslim encounters. She has published on interreligious hermeneutics, dialogue of women and religiously mixed marriages.


13.00-13.15     Welcome

13.15-13.20     Opening by the chair Birgit Meyer


Session I: Perspectives from Asia

13.20-13.40    Contested Content: Muslim-Christian Encounters over Textbook Reform in Pakistan.  Kor Grit

13.40-14.00    The Politics of "Allah". Muslim-Christian Encounters in the Indonesian Political Space.  Lucien van Liere

14.00-14.15     Questions


Session II: Perspectives from Africa

14.15-14.35    The Africa that we were, the Africa that we are, and the Africa that we want in Christian-Muslim relations. Johnson Mbillah

14.35-14.55    To repeal an Islamic state. The price of interreligious coexistence in The Gambia. Martha Frederiks

14.55-15.10     Questions

15.10-15.30     Tea & Coffee


Session III: Perspectives from Europe

15.30-15.50    Pious aspirations, secular routines. A comparative ethnography of young Muslims and Christians in the Netherlands. Daan Beekers

15.50-16.10    Fatherland-Motherland. Christians, Muslims and others combining loyalties in the context of the Dutch nation state.  Gé Speelman

16.10-16.25     Questions

16.25-17.15     Plenary discussion (Birgit Meyer)

17.15-18.00     Drinks


Date                Friday 2 June 2017: 13.00-18.00

Location          Sweelinckzaal, Drift 21, Utrecht  (entrance via University Library Drift 27)

Registration   Attendance to the seminar is free, but it is necessary to register because the number of seats in the lecture is restricted.  You are invited to register, preferably by email, with Jeannette Boere a.c.m.boere@uu.nl (before May 30, 2017).