Herman Bavinck Center

1 April 2021

The Herman Bavinck Center is one of the centres of the Faculty of Religion and Theology of the Vrije Universiteit and a partner of the IRTI. This Center, founded in 2015, seeks to study and advance the tradition of Reformed theology that inspired the founders of the Vrije Universiteit, a tradition that in the present context is part of the international evangelical movement.

Research Group ‘Reformed and Evangelical Theology’

The Center recently started the Research Group ‘Reformed and Evangelical Theology’, which meets on a monthly basis. The research group brings together a diversity of expertises and research interests regarding Christian doctrine, practices and spirituality and the relationship between faith and science. Methodologically, it includes analytical, historical, hermeneutical, and empirical approaches and assesses the history of theology by retrieval, searching for its relevance for today, carefully observing the historical methodologies. The focal interest for the coming years (2021-2025) is the critical assessment of ‘Theology of Presence and Discernment’.

Involvement at the VU

The Herman Bavinck Center is also involved in the theology track of the international Bachelor Religion and Theology at the VU and offers a minor programme, titled ‘A Christian Worldview’ and a specialisation track ‘Reformed and Evangelical Theology’ in the Master. The Center provides hospitality to visiting scholars who study aspects of Reformed and Evangelical theology.

For more information, feel free to contact the Director of the Herman Bavinck Center, prof. dr. Henk van den Belt, h.vandenbelt@vu.nl.


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