IRTI Conference starts at Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana

27 June 2024

The 15th biennial IRTI Conference starts today in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Around fifty theologians from Asia, Africa, Europe and North America will be collectively reflecting on the topic ‘Peace among the Nations: Reformed Theology and Geopolitical Conflicts’.

Relevance of the topic

Throughout the ages, Christians have reflected on how they should relate to the magistrate or state, what their political responsibility might entail, and whether and under which conditions the use of military force is justified. These questions take on new urgency in our time and ask for profound theological reflection. Especially given the geopolitical nature of conflicts such as the Russian invasion in Ukraine and the Chinese claim on Taiwan. Not to mention the many ongoing inter- and intrastate conflicts around the globe in which religion often plays an important role.

Sub-themes of the conference

The conference will center around the topic ‘Peace among the Nations: Reformed Theology and Geopolitical Conflicts’. Three specific sub-themes were identified to guide the contributions to the conference:

  1. Theological Reflection on (Geo)political Conflicts
  2. Church and State and the Use of Military Force in the Reformed Tradition
  3. Ethics of Peace and War

More information about the theme of the conference and the conference programme can be found on the conference page

Blogs by attending students

During the conference, student participants will share and reflect on their experiences at the conference by means of blogs, with a focus on the keynote contributions.

Host institution

IRTI is grateful to the host institution of the conference, Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana for its hospitality and facilitation of the conference.