Paul Peeters (1965-2021), Managing Director of Peeters Publishers, has passed away

23 March 2021

We received word from Peeters Publishers in Leuven that managing editor Mr. Paul Peeters has passed away unexpectedly on March 22, 2021 at the age of 55.

Peeters Publishers has published our book series Liturgia Condenda for almost three decades. Ever since he became managing director, we have had a good relationship with Mr. Peeters, whom we have come to know as a very kind and friendly person.

We fondly remember him warmly welcoming us every time we showed up at the Peeters booth at AAR and other congresses. Similarly, whenever we visited him in Leuven, he always made ample time to talk (and dine) with us. He was ever so interested to learn about new manuscripts and developments in the series, and was dedicated to its outstanding quality. 

The obituary includes the latin text of John 14:6-7: Ego sum via et veritas et vita nemo venit ad Patrem nisi per me. Si cognovissetis me, et Patrem meum utique cognovissetis: et amodo cognoscetis eum, et vidistis eum. 

We are sharing in the sadness of the family and the company as they remember Paul Peeters. May he find rest in the eternal joy of heaven and may all who mourn his passing find comfort.


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