Forthcoming: Handbook of Disaster Ritual

18 March 2021

In a few months, this book will be published: Martin Hoondert, Paul Post, Mirella Klomp and Marcel Barnard (eds.), Handbook of Disaster Ritual. Multidisciplinary perspectives, cases and themes. Leuven, Paris, Bristol CT: Peeters Publishers (forthcoming).

Ritual of protest: Dutch farmers in an ever-growing line of tractors through the streets of Amsterdam on October 1st 2020. Photograph: (c) Mirella Klomp

Offering first-class contributions, written by experts in ritual from all over the globe, the handbook is a comprehensive guide on disaster and crisis ritual, covering general perspectives, case studies and selected themes. The book will appear as volume 32 in IRiLiS' book series Liturgia Condenda, which offers an international forum for innovative research in the field of ritual and liturgical studies. Stay tuned!


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