Call for articles: Sacramentality/sacraments in times of Corona

20 May 2020

As liturgical scholars, we follow with great interest the digital resources that churches and religious communities currently use to keep worship going in times of Corona. The possibility or impossibility of a digital celebration of the sacraments, more specifically of Holy Supper, has provoked much discussion. What are the possibilities and impossibilities, opportunities and threats to the sacramental character of the liturgy, in particular of the sacraments themselves, in celebrations performed (partly) through cyberspace? 

Paradoxically, the crisis offers an opportunity to respond to current events. Therefore, the editors of the Open Acces Yearbook for Ritual and Liturgical Studies invite scholars to submit articles on the Sacraments (particularly Holy Supper/the Eucharist) and sacramentality in times of Corona. They hope to be able to publish a collection of articles on the topic of worship and more specifically sacramentality/sacraments in times of Corona in December 2020. Obviously, these contributions cannot and will not yet be in-depth investigations of the practices that scholars observe in these days. However, on the basis of our expertise we will be able to respond quickly and adequately.


  • September 1st: absolute deadline for submission of articles.
  • September: double-blind peer review process.
  • October 1st: communication on the outcomes of the review process with authors.
  • October: time for authors to make revisions (if necessary)
  • November 1st: absolute deadline for final versions.
  • December: online publication. 

Authors are kindly and urgently asked to follow the guidelines as described in the style sheet:

Contact information

If you are interested in writing and submitting an article, please contact the coordinator of IRILIS, dr. Mirella Klomp, via


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