The Yearbook 2019 is out!

18 March 2020

IRiLiS presents volume 35 of Yearbook for Ritual and Liturgical Studies. The journal offers a forum for innovative, national and international research in the field of ritual and liturgical studies and is open-access available via University of Groningen Press

Volume 35 contains the following articles and PhD summaries.


  • Thomas Quartier OSB: Liturgisches Gebet. Raum, Zeit und Gemeinschaft in benediktinischer Perspektive. 
  • Henk Vogel, Mirella Klomp, Marcel Barnard : Sing After God a New Song. Ritual-musical appropriations of psalms in Dutch culture between 1990-2020.

Summaries of PhD theses

  • Nicolas Matthee: Cyber Cemeteries as a Challenge to Traditional Reformed Thanatological Liturgical Praxis.
  • Gert Vierwind: Zin in elke dag. Een onderzoek naar alledaags ritueel handelen van adolescenten in de residentiële jeugdhulp.

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