The board of the Commission for Eastern/Central European and Dutch Inter-University Cooperation (COMENIUS) consists of the following persons.

  • Prof. Dr. H.P. de Roest
    Chairman (Protestant Theological University, location Groningen)
  • Prof dr. K. Tolstaya
    Secretary (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam)
  • Dr. I. Balla (Pápa)
  • Dr. G. Andrejc (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Groningen)
  • Dr. G.J. van Klinken (Protestant Theological University)
  • Dr. J. Kiss (Cluj)
  • Dr. M. Prudký (Prag)
  • Drs. J.J.A. Colijn (Theologische Universiteit Kampen/Utrecht) 


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