Take off to Debrecen

As Maarten Wisse says: "A vital part of diversity, is being prepared to be annoyed by each other". After a very early wake-up call a bunch of still rather sleepy people gathered at Eindhoven Airport. All the necessary ingredients to get fashionably annoyed with my fellow students were there, with Maarten Wisse's saying properly justifying my doing so. But that was not all: our meeting up with the Hungarian students was bound to be equally annoying. Exchanging our impossible to pronounce names (for them) with theirs, equally impossible to pronounce ( for us!). Not to mention having to think up what to talk about during the ensuing hours which could be expected to grow exponentially more difficult after having done with the usual platitudes. A central element of diversity was sure to be found, was my bold conviction in the airplane.

But this is how it worked out: diversity did not make things worse, but turned out to be fruitful soil frome which real engagement and community sprang. Fun filled hours, and having discussions sharing our meals at the same table, made our differences seem insignificant. For both parties it was taxing, but our ideals and our longing to become theologians proved identical. Our heart-felt wish to be workers in God's Kingdom united us. With the evening progressing our conversations went more and more below the surface with openness to match. No, so far I have not noticed diversity that much at all!! Perhaps later, with matters that are more offensive cropping up? But for now a feeling of community is taking the front seat, also a 'vital part of real diversity' I wager.

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