Sarajevo, backgrounds

The Balkans seem to resemble a group of disgruntled men intent on setting the record straight, suffering from injustice done to them in a distant or not so distant past. And Mother Russia/ EU/ Washington appear to have been summoned which voice out of a cacaphonie of voices calling out is telling the true story covering the real history of the goings-on during the wars in former Yougoslavia. What actually happened, and, more importantly, who can be singled out being the guilty party?

One guide told us a story about his mother: his family fled to Germany in the nineties. In the refugee centre grandma's nationality was checked. "Roman Catholic" grandma promptly answered. Her son immediately repeated the question "Grandma, what is your nationality?" But grandma never came past 'Roman Catholic', becuase she was from Croatia. A nationality totally intertwined with religion and faith.

Who is to be blamed for the conflicts? On this beautiful day in Sarajevo different people told us their story about the war amidst buildings showing signs of gunfire. An evengelical preacher, professor in a bible college, openly pointed it out as a religious conflict. A Bosnian muslim stated that his religion had been hijacked, a Serbian Orthodox woman carefully weighed her words and explained to us that her religion had not been used but abused. All those stories left us pondering about whether it was possible to distinguish the one true voice....

Establishing the ultimate truth at the end of the day seems to be important for the processing of and dealing with everything that has happened during the war in former Yougoslavia. Wounds need to be redressed wich cannot be done without proper history writing. But also people need to soldier on in a country that is much in need of some refurbishing. Glances cast forward should be taken into account and perhaps a vision of the future can help paint a picture of the past, "Go forth and sin no more" as Jesus told us.

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