Study trip to Debrecen, Novi Sad and Sarajevo 

Within the framework of the module 'Community and Diversity' of the joint bachelor programme in theology of the Protestant Theological University (PThU) and VU University Amsterdam, a group of fifteen students and two lecturers (Prof. Heleen Zorgdrager, PThU, and Dr. Leon van den Broeke, VU) travelled from April 15-22, 2015 to Debrecen (Hungary) and subsequently - together with eight students and two lecturers from the Debrecen Reformed Theological University - to Novi Sad (Serbia) and Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

In Debrecen they organised a student conference, for and by students and they participated in a 'mini internship' in which they interviewed members of church congregations and church councils.


Participants of the trip, sponsored by IRTI, were third year students of the joint bachelor of theology programme. In their module 'Community and Diversity', the students concentrated on the development of an academic and personal vision of contextual faith communities in actuality, with specific attention to the factor of diversity (gender and the position of ethnic, religious, and cultural minorities). The module formed the final part of the integrative learning line with the courses Theology as science and profession (year 1) and Religious existence in Amsterdam (year 2).

Here you may find the programme of the trip.

Daily blogs by participants

Some of the students maintained a weblog during the study trip: