Studies in Reformed Theology

Studies in Reformed Theology (SRT) is an international triennial series that offers thematic volumes with articles on current issues and in-depth monographs in the field of Systematic, Historical and Biblical theology. Studies in Reformed Theology is edited by the International Reformed Theological Institute (IRTI).

The latest edition of this series is A Reformed Voice in the Ecumenical Discussion, from the hand of Martien Brinkman, former director of IRTI.

Calvinism and the Making of the European Mind, edited by Gijsbert van den Brink and Harro Höpfl, is the title of the result of the contributions to the international conference in November 2011 with the same name, sponsored by the European Science Foundation. The event brought together social historians, histor­­ians of religion, theologians as well as an economist and a philosopher. It explored the state of the art in research on the alleged impact of Calvinism on various branches of modern Western culture, especially economics, the political system and the sciences, and assessed the specific contours of the spirituality, theology and ethos of Calvinism, so as to be able to trace both its impact on the European mind-set and, conversely, the ways in which Calvinism itself was moulded by the European environment in which it took shape.

Another accepted submission in SRT is Dolf te Velde’s major work on the way method and content are connected in The Doctrine of God in Reformed Orthodoxy, Karl Barth, and the Utrecht School. This large volume (more than 900 pages!) can be seen as a major reference work in relation to the study of the doctrine of God within Reformed theology.

Related to themes of previous IRTI conferences, several other manuscripts are published. Among them, Berkouwer and Roman Catholicism: Disputed Questions. The author is the Roman Catholic theologian Eduardo J. Echeverria, currently professor of Philosophy and Systematic Theology at the Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, MI, offering the first in depth analysis of the development of Berkouwer’s theology in the context of the changing Roman Catholic theology in the 20th century.

A selection of peer reviewed submissions after the IRTI conference of 2009 on the theme of the theology of Calvin has been edited and introduced by Henk van den Belt under the title Restoration through Redemption: John Calvin Revisited.