About the theme

In a time when 3D printers can reproduce damaged bone-structures and when genetic modification and gender transformation allow for altering the given human body, it is time to reflect on the theological question what it means to be human. Are we just biological beings, not substantially different than other living beings? Or are we created in the image of God, having a special value and dignity over all creatures? Is Christian anthropological thinking outdated in our days of enormous technological and societal change? Or does it counterbalance human self-indulgence, having a pressing urgency and relevance?




The conference was be held at Pápai Református Teológiai Akadémia in Pápa, Hungary. Pápa Reformed Theological Seminary is one of the major tertiary institutions where theological students for the Reformed Church of Hungary are trained at the highest possible level. Its first responsibility is to train ministers for the Transdanubian (Dunántúli) Diocese. It aims at passing on the spiritual heritage of the Hungarian Christian Community of the Carpathian Basin in an open ecumenical environment.