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Theology, conceived as an interdisciplinary discipline, finds itself between revelation as it has been articulated in Scripture and Christian traditions on the one hand, and contextual, cultural, societal and ecclesial challenges on the other hand. This position ‘in between’ leads to a number of questions. To what extent and in what manner is theology in its sources, beliefs and practices, determined by revelation and (Scripture and) tradition and to what extent is it and in what manner is it influenced by contexts? To be more specific, how do contextual challenges influence or even transform theological reflection? And the other way around, how has theology responded to cultural and/or societal developments, locally and worldwide, in the present and throughout the ages? And how can (or: could) theology (or theologies) in different geographical contexts, such as North-Western European countries or Central European countries, have a distinct and/or critical, prophetic voice with regard to such developments? As for philosophy of religion, a comparable position ‘between’ transcendence and/or (contextual constructions of or conceptual interpretations) of societal and cultural developments can be posited…


The conference will be held at the Protestant Theological Institute in Cluj/Koloszvar, Rumania.

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Call for papers

Possible contributions in the COMENIUS-conference are:

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Proposals need to consist of 250 words maximum and need to explicitly address the overall conference theme, albeit from the specific disciplinary field.

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