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10th Comenius Conferentie 2016

The 10th conference was held from 20 till 24 april 2016 in Kamárno, Slovakia. More than 50 theologians from the Netherlands, Central and Eastern Europe met on the border of Slovakia and Hungary to think about the theme: “Roads to Reconciliation Between Groups in Conflict”. Below is a report by a PThU-student who attended the conference.

We are called to work towards peace based on justice and reconciliation

"The theme for this year’s conference was “Roads to Reconciliation Between Groups in Conflict”, in an effort to stimulate theologians to develop theological thought and ministry for processes of reconciliation. 

The conference brought together biblical scholars, theologians, missiologists, and students from Eastern Europe and the Netherlands (including selected Asian delegates) to discuss reconciliation and its key issues. We discussed how Christian truth and justice, repentance, and forgiveness could or should relate to the conference theme.

It was evident throughout the conference that the European Christian community is aware of, and responding to, undaunted calls of reconciliation ministry. One of the notable insights I received during the conference is how to recognize God and his works by positioning ourselves as Christian community in the gaps, and devote ourselves to processes of reconciliation. Christians are called by God to make up the hedge and stand in the gap (Ezekiel 22:30) in order to work towards peace based on justice and reconciliation. Some contributions to the discussion have inspired me to see reconciliation ministry as an effective ministry outside the walls of the church. 

I was able to gather a lot of practical tools from various participants and their experiences as they offered insights that enriched the entire discourse. Being a consultant of the Peacebuilders Community Philippines, God has confirmed and encouraged me through this conference to pursue my ministry of reconciliation. Indeed, it was a great pleasure for me to attend this Comenius conference. I would highly recommend international students who have a calling to broaden their biblical, theological and pastoral discourse to participate in a Comenius conference in the future."

Hadje Cresencio Sadje 

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