Sunday, 27 April 2014

There’s an ending to any trip and so it is with ours. It is Sunday, a day when all of us are normally speaking involved with a community in a certain way. We proved to be a diverse group this week, we all have different backgrounds, are members of different churches and have our own opinions on theological issues. To honour the Sunday we celebrated our own service after breakfast. Colossians 3 was the point of focus, where we reflected under Joyce’s guidance on the question if we are recognisable as Christians, if in our attitude and conduct Christ can be recognised. We sang a number of lovely hymns and Elizabeth and Jolien said a wonderful prayer in which we thanked God for this trip, the people we met and the experiences gained. After this beautiful and appropriate conclusion of this intensive 5-day study trip to Debrecen, we travelled to the airport, as a unity in diversity. After this informative and impressive trip we all go our separate ways again.

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